History of YVVAN

YVVAN is founded 2001. John Watts has developed the logo and the matching house style. The logo shows the connection between the high-frequency intuitive energy and the much slower earthly matter. The eye is considered to be the portal to the soul

My Soul at Work (2001)

is set up together with Jos Niesten as a ‘community’ on the internet for people in organizations who want to share their stories with each other. The focus is on innovation and growth. The art of storytelling is used to make old patterns visible within organizations. By telling, listening and reflecting, new insights emerge that make it possible to re-frame these patterns. This creates anopportunity for new solutions that add value to the company in which people work.
In 2006 the site went off line again. The art of storytelling still holds an important position in the way Gérard Lentz likes to work.
Inner Sense (2004)

is a consultancy firm founded by Brigitte van Baren. Together with Jan Maarten Hensel, Leo Oosterom and Gérard Lentz, she wants to realize an increasing personal depth in the business world. By making executives in the business world more aware of who they really are and thus realizing their business ambitions. Their style of management is being nurtured by an inner source and therefore more authentic. Meditation, coaching and a unique style of organizing workshops with experiential learning, makes this development possible.

Inner Sense is connected to the Benediktushof – Zentrum für spirituele Wege – led by Willigis Jäger. His Zen philosophy is an important source of inspiration for Inner Sense. We have worked for various organizations, such as Philips, Shell, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Woonbedrijf Ieder 1, SHV and Albron.

At the beginning of 2008, the original founder, Brigitte van Baren, continued with a renewed focus on Inner Sense.


Family Succession (2007)

Together with a group of experienced advisors (Siebe de Haan, Leo Oosterom, Hans Gotink, Ellen Luten, Leidje Witte), operating under the name Family Succession, the forces are joined to guide families in the succession process for their company – the most critical period in the life cycle of the family business.
The scope is the entire succession process, where they prefer to go where the family system and the company’s system coincide. In 2012 Gérard relaunches Family Succession as 2.0.
Since 2014 Family Succession is a member of The New Tradition.


Student Company (2008)

Since 2008 Gérard has been associated with Student Company as a supervisor. It is a foundation that has been providing schools with practical entrepreneurial programs for 25 years, full of enthusiasm and expertise.
Young people get to know their entrepreneurial